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Some of the items on this list are intentionally vague, so as not to spoil anything for those who are in it for the thrill of discovery. If you really want to know everything about how the game differs from nethack, then you will find a full spoiler containing all the secrets of the game here (Last Update: July 03 2013). I'll try to keep it up to date, but there will probably be some lead time between a new update going out and the Spoiler getting a full update.

If you're more adventurous and prefer discovering stuff on your own, you can also get hints about most new features by asking the Oracle or reading fortune cookies, as I'm keeping that file up to date as well.

R2.5 - Tue Jun 03 2014

This update just added some additional features to the live logging functionality so that our IRC bot can track server activity. R2.51 came the day after (Wed Jun 04 2014) and consisted of a few tweaks to the messages the game outputs.

R2.4 - Wed Apr 02 2014

Just a few minor bug fixes: A harmless error message on the Astral plane was removed, as was a cleave bug that threatened to crash the game and a bug that prevented you from writing the new scrolls properly.

R2.3 - Tue Jul 23 2013

R2.3 contained some bugfixes and some minor tweaks. Pirates now get a custom death message; A special case was added to the lockpicking code to properly handle what top quantum nethack physicists have come to call "barrel-box duality". And finally, I fixed a bug when swinging Cleaver with low dexterity. Additionally, Cleaver is now special-cased so that it always cleaves as though you had max dex, which makes it a surprisingly respectable late-game weapon for roles that can use it.

R2.2 - Mon Jul 15 2013

This was mostly a bug-fix release: A bug that crashed the game when parrots attempted to hurl insults is gone, as is the bug that caused a crash in the middle of the first Pirate ascension ever. (I restored the automatic backup, so he just lost four hours or so of gameplay. I still felt pretty bad though.)

R2.1 - Mon Nov 12 2012

R2 - Sun Sep 30 2012

R1 - Wed Jul 18 2012